I thought I would takle a cocktail that had more than one spirit in it, I tired it and initially i dint like it. But after a few sips it really grew on me, later that day I stumbled across a recipe for cointreau and raspberry sorbet. I made said sorbet and it was lovely…but I thought it would […]

I wanted to give my new Boston shaker a real test, so I thought of no better workout drink than that of a Ramos gin fizz. After learning the basic recipe and not particularly liking the orange blossom water aroma, I thought I would try Elderflower cordial in place of the simple syrup and said flavouring. As […]

Its Winter and I wanted something warming, but not something warm (I am a bit too picky). And In the past I have had a deep seeded dislike of egg-nog, perhaps because it was forced on me one Christmas. And so like the mojito, I wanted to make amends. I found that Bourbon, really worked in the nog. I tried blends […]

The first cocktail I ever tried happened to be when I was sitting at a tacky bar in Egypt, when I was flipping through the sticky laminated menu (aged 14) I stumbled across a Mojito (I had seen them in the movies). One sip from the oversized colourful straw was enough to put me off […]

Ok so I’ve tured 18 and I need to take full advantage of that fact, I now have the power to buy different spirits and alchols. This means that I can create, learn and try new cocktails whenever I want (within reason). I have always enjoyed new tastes and new textures, all of which can be found […]